Baltic amber power!


Baltic amber is a resin of conifers, which solidified 50 million years ago. Huge forests were growing and rivers washed collected resin from forest soil to towards the sea. During years and processes of oxidation and polymerization, resin deteriorated into amber. Baltic Sea amber formed from mentioned conifers’ resin during 2 million years, gained various forms, colours and sometimes even “housed” various fossils. According to the scientists, “colours and clarity of amber was influenced by changes in leaking resin: volatile elements, which evaporated from clear resin, could have formed millions of micro gas bubbles, which “roiled” resin (yellow amber)”. During this process very many bubbles could have formed, and so it deteriorated into white amber. Bluish amber appeared when additions of pyrite (FeS2) got into resin in the soil. Black amber formed when resin got mixed with soil, green – with plants.

Lithuania – the amber’s land.

The Amber’s way extended per Europe two thousand year ago. This way the amber traveled even to Greek and Italy. In the old Roma for amber’s scrap You might to buy one slave. In the old Roma lived a famous doctor Calistratus. He wrote,that You need to mix amber’s powder with honey for throat’s, ear’s disease. Also, You need to mix the amber’s powder with water and to drink for stomach bug. The roman’s women carried amber’s necklace and put it for theirs children, because “a bad eye” did not look over. If the women wanted to look young for longer time, hers had to carry the amber’s scrap in the palm. 

After Christus natal the amber was used for incense in the church. The amber’s smell purificated atmosphere and in the sickroom. This way the weather was germ-free.

In the middle Ages the amber’s necklace was used off icterus. The amber’s bracelet reduced articular and muscular pain. Pharmacists claimed, that the smalleramber is better than bigger, because it easier “draw” the disease. For that reason the amber is started to pulverize. There are some records, that honey’s, rose’s oil and amber’s powder mix was used for thyroid’s disease, pestilence.

  • From the old times the amber was an attachment to the healthful power. In the antiquate the amber, specially the succinic, was used in the pharmacological.
  • By amber was suppressed ear’s, eye’s, stomach’s and tooth’s pain. The amber is used for curing cystitis, bronchitis today. 
  • When the amber is burning, it is embalming, because our ancestry the amber used for preparing redolent cocktails.
  • The amber is used in the cosmetology, pharmaceutical, dietary making. 

Mineralogist Albertas Bogdasarovas amber jewelry recommending to use to healthful people, specially children with break thyroid function, injured during the Černobylis catastrophe.

The modern clerisy, bio-field’s investigators, say, that the amber characterizes bio-stimulant internal, positively influences human’s organism, by it’s electromagnetic field the amber regenerates “fouls” auras and it eases off different diseases course. Besides, the amber’s scrap in temperature to 36.6°C the succinic begins to steam, that is necessary for human’s immunity. Every day the human’s organism makes about 200 grams this material for it’s needs. But sometimes it does not suffice. The synthesized succinic is used for different alimentary supplement, forvitamin’s and for other bio-stimulant’s making. 

Amber babies/toddlers necklaces are from the natural Baltic amber, handmade by Lithuanian’s artists. They are knotted after every individual amber bead, so that even in the extremely unlikely event of the string being torn, not a single bead is lost and there is no risk of choking. Amber is associated with sunlight and warmth and reputed to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation and accelerate the healing of wounds and is thus the perfect help for babies and toddlers who wear it when they are teething.

Amber teething necklace is a luxury gift for every child in the world over.