Baltic raw amber cat collar from ticks&fleas/pets collar


Size is 8-10 inches (20-26 cm)

Baltic raw amber pets collars are natural, ecological protection from fleas and ticks. Also, it’s look perfect on Your pet and is good gift or present.

• All stones have been left in their natural condition,this means they have not been polished and therefore still have their top layer. Esoterics say that this layer increases the amber’s curative powers.

Collars made of Baltic Amber are becoming more and more popular way to repel ticks and fleas from dogs, cats and other pets. The main reason why interest in these type of necklaces is increasing is because they are completely natural and doesn’t contain any chemicals. Since more and more dog & cats owners care about their pets health they choose to try these type of collars. There area few different reasons why Amber is believed to be effective for repulsing various parasites from pets. Amber is a natural tree resin, which formated over 30-50 million years period of time. One unique feature of this natural resin is that it has electrostatic properties. These properties were even known and documented by ancient Greeks who even referred to Amber as an Electron. Electrostatic feature of Amber is extremely useful when fighting ticks and fleas. When collar made of Baltic Amber beads is worn by a pet it will be naturally rubbed against its fur. This action will help Amber to generate electricity, which makes it almost impossible for flea or tick to stick on dog’s or cat’s hair. The other beneficial feature of this natural resin is that it has a specific smell, which seems to be not very appealing to ticks and fleas. When
Amber beads are made warm by pets fur and body they will start to release its natural odour. So the longer dog or cat wears this type of necklace the more effective it can be for fighting various parasites.